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Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS!


Miss Clare Home (Monday-Wednesday)
Mrs. Lisa Beasley (Wednesday- Friday)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs.Nicky Garrod (Monday-Wednesday)
Mrs. Patricia McPartlin (Wednesday-Friday)

We are a class of 20 wonderful children who are having a brilliant time in our first term at primary school.

Our topic in the first part of the term is all abouit ourselves - we painted pictures, took photographs, measured ourselves and each other, welcomed special visitors whose job it is to look after us, learnt songs and dances about parts of our body, got to know the people in our school community, learnt about each others likes and dislikes, talked about which groups we belonged to, shared our "All About Me" books, met our Year 5 and 6 buddies, took part in playtimes and dinners with the whole school, and of course, settled really quickly into our daily routines!  

Our favourite things at the moment are reading with our Year 5 and 6 buddies and taking part in muddy kitchen!  We look forward to sharing some pictures with you soon!