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Our School - Class Structure

The number of children admitted into our Early Years Foundation Stage is determined by the Local Authority.  Our current PAN (Pupil Admission Number) is 20 per academic year group (subject to appeals - see " Admission" page).

At the end of each academic year, the whole teaching team get together to look at numbers, and specific groups for the coming academic year.  Class structure and staffing is based on need - we are flexible and adapt our class and staffing arrangements according to the pupils we have at any one particular time.

 Current Pupil Numbers at January 2024

Academic Year Group Pupil Numbers
YEAR 1 18
YEAR 2 20
YEAR 3 20
YEAR 4 21
YEAR 5 20
YEAR 6 20



Over the past few years, we have operated  a 6 class system and this has served us very well.  The Year 4 group has been the one group to split between two classes, and like the arbitrary nature of September being a cut-off point, we have made the decision to split our Year 4 group based purely on age.  The theory behind this is that any good teacher works on an individual child's starting point and works on their next steps, regardless of age or any other label.

Class Name Number of Pupils
St John Class (EYFS)  18
St Francis Class (YEAR 1) 18
St Peter Class (YEAR 2) 20
St Christopher Class (YEAR 3/4) 31
St Etheldreda Class (YEAR 4/5) 30
Edith Cavell Class (YEAR 6) 20

Year 4 children, with Year 3 and Year 5 children, share the same Big Question but over a three-year cycle to ensure full curriculum coverage.  The St Christopher and St Etheldreda class teachers plan together to ensure an appropriate level of support (where needed) and challenge for all.  This also ensures that the learning opportunities between the different groups of Year 4 children are consistent.